About Us

A Social Casino For Fun, Free Play

We have exactly the same games as any other online casino, the big ‘but’ is that all our games are free. We are not newbies to the casino scene and have seen trends come and go; however, our social free online casino is not a trend. We are here to stay. You can spend some downtime playing our free games whenever you like. You do not miss out on the excitement or that adrenaline rush you get when your spins line up, and all without spending money! 

We want our casino to be at the forefront of this social playing environment—a place where you can spend time connecting with friends and playing for free. We know you can get lost in your gameplay sometimes, and not much socialising goes on. With us, we want to change that and put the fun into gaming without risks. It is an opportunity to meet with other like-minded players who love getting together to enjoy some free play. To that end, we invite you to visit and see how real we are.